This page contains all of the announcements made on the Team SMOQ Discord, and is updated periodically. To stay absolutely up-to-date on announcements, join our Discord, linked at the bottom of the page!

Announcing Heartsmashers 2021!


        Attention, Falcon people! Valentine's Day is coming up, and you know what that means! That's right - teaming up with your best bud/teammate/sentient acquaintance to fight to the top of the school! (Wait, love? Is that some kind of new tech?) The Woodinville High School E-Sports Club, Team SMOQ, is hosting two 2 versus 2 two-rnaments this February, and entry is completely free! On Wednesday, February 10 at 2 pm will be a Super Smash Bros Ultimate doubles tournament. Fight with your partner to come out on top and have fun! Then, on the big day of Sunday, February 14 at noon, we'll be holding a Rocket League 2v2 tournament, and it is 100% FREE! Download Rocket League for FREE on the platform on your choice and come see if you have what it takes. Did we mention it's FREE?

        And if that deal is still too expensive for you, don't worry! Both events will be streamed at . Invite all your friends to watch the awesomeness they could have been dishing out with you! Can't wait to start jumping and driving around? Register on our official website at , and join our official Team SMOQ Discord at to hang out with other competitors and get ready for the big event. No partner? No problem! Come to the Discord, and we'll pair you up with another single so that neither of you miss the chance to flex your skills and have fun doing it! You won't want to miss this doubly awesome event, so don't double-think it and wait! Sign up today, and we'll see you and your partner then!

        To compete, you must be in the Team SMOQ Discord and have a parent/guardian sign a permission slip to be in the Discord. A copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate and a Nintendo Switch Online memberships is required to compete in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate doubles event. A copy of Rocket League and internet access is required to compete in the Rocket League 2v2 event.

Steam Group Now Open!


Our Steam group is now open! Go to so you can connect with your teammate's steam accounts more easily and see scrimmage requests.

Announcing Smashgiving 2020!


Attention all button bashers, combo crushers, and schmovement schmasters! The Woodinville High School E-Sports Club, Team SMOQ, is proud to announce the 2020 edition of our annual Smashgiving tournament! Come compete for FREE with the best Super Smash Bros Ultimate players WHS has to offer for the chance to win [prize]! Can you come out on top? Prove it by showing up when the tournament begins at 1 pm on November 25. [This event will be streamed at [stream link], so be sure to tell your friends to come watch you dominate or get dominated!] Pre-register by joining the official Team SMOQ Discord at , and check out the official website where the tournament bracket will be displayed at . Plus: want to see your favorite competitive game as a side event? Let us know on Discord or via the Contact Us page on ! A copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate and a Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to compete.

Discord Permission Form


To help keep the E-Sports Club in the WHS's good graces, we'd like everyone in the E-Sports Club to have you and your parents sign the permission form in Discord and email it to Mr. Mulvaney. This will ensure that parents will be fine with their children using Discord for club communication and prevent the district from worrying about angry parents. If you have any questions or concerns, type them in #ask-questions or DM one of the managers. Keep playing strong!

Orientation Meeting Summary


zoom meeting summary for people who missed it:

  • IMPORTANT: post the game you want to play in #role-requests within a week (even if you're already in a team) OR YOU WILL BE KICKED

  • The website is a secondary hub with announcements and upcoming events. This is for use by people without Discord

  • Captains are volunteer-based so that people who want to be a leader, and take on more responsibilities, can be captain

  • The main responsibilities of the captains are getting your fellow players organized for routine practice sessions, whether that be a ranked session, a scrim, a 1v1, anything really. It falls under the captain to keep the team at least somewhat consistently practicing and improving at their game, as well as organizing/leading all of the practices.

  • When teams are settled, captains and teams decide their own rules and practices.

  • Teams can look for competitions themselves, or reach out to managers. Amateur Discords are an option to keep an eye out for.

  • We want teams to get experience against other competitive people. This isn't really the place for casual players.

  • We want people to have one game so that they can focus on their team/game at the start. Later in the year, after people are settled into a team, we can open up second games

  • Managers will conduct monthly check-ins with captains to make sure teams and captains are practicing.

  • This is not the place for casual play. We want to get people into competition

Zoom Orientation Meeting


The WHS e-sports club's Orientation Zoom Meeting will take place on Wednesday Sept. 23rd, at Noon. The link will be posted in the discord on the day of the meeting. In this meeting we will get the freshmen just joining us up to speed on what this club is all about, and describe the new management systems/changes from last year. If you cant make it, that's ok. We will post all the important bits in Discord and wherever else they should go (most likely club info as well). Our club, thankfully, is probably better off with it being only online. Do note that a lot of the members of the server are not active, and we will take action in the days after the meet to tidy up the server in order to get an accurate member count and an accurate games list.


TL;DR. Zoom meet on 9/23 12:00 pm, please show up.